Make Your Mark

With Crep Protect Mark-On, the power of restoration/customization is in your hands.

The Ultimate Midsole Custom Pen.

The 4MM bullet tip allows pin point precision when restoring tired midsoles or designing your own custom patterns. Only two coats needed.

The Crep Protect Mark On Midsole Pen is a must have when you need to restore your midsole to box fresh status. Made with a 4MM bullet tip that allows for accurate touch ups on your favourite footwear. Can be used to restore tired midsoles or designing your own custom patterns.


Turn the OGs into the new Gs.
Watch how Crep Protect helps restore your beloved old sneakers and making them look and feel like a new one.

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Make your Mark.
With Crep Protect Mark-On, you can customize and be different than the usual or just express yourself in a cool unusual way.

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