Taking Care of your Lifestyle with Kihon Basics

Stylish, ergonomic and Basic. 🇯🇵 #Kihon #KihonBasics

Kihon is a Japanese-inspired brand that offers stylish essential products designed to be ergonomic while promoting a basic lifestyle. Ergonomic products ranging from Shoe Care Essentials, Apparel and Lifestyle Products.

Kihon focuses on the following:
- Stylish products made from durable and high quality materials
- Ergonomic Items for convenience and better living
- Basic Lifestyle for everyday ease


A premium brush made to gently polish shoes. 

プラスチックブラシ 02 PLASTIC BRUSH

A brush for intensive cleaning. This brush is designed to be sturdy through the use of high-quality plastic.

ハンドル付きディテールブラシ 03 DETAIL BRUSH WITH HANDLE

Doing a full meticulous clean can be hard but not with the Detail Brush.

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